Scenes from London

Scenes from London at night – 22nd August 2011 by Ian Coles

In Bruges

Canal at Night in Bruges, Chistmas 2010 – 28th December 2010 Bruges (Or Brugge) is a magical place during the Christmas period. The entire central area of the city is lit up with thousands of lights and the spirit of the occasion is quite evident in the many hundreds of visitors to this unique and […]

Fire Island in HDR

Fire Island, New York processed in HDR – 29th April 2007, Developed 12th March 2011

Washington Square

Washington Square, New York City – 10th February 2010

New York City Sunset

Manhattan, New York City – 16th February 2008

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury

The photograph of Gold Hill celebrates the feel that Ridley Scott created when he made the “Bike Ride” all those years ago for bread makers Hovis.