Photographing Formula 1

Unless you happen to be accredited by the Federation Internationale d’Automobile (the FIA), photographing an Formula 1 Grand Prix can be a challenge. If you are accredited then you’ll get close to the action, access to the pit lane, garages and the like. If not then you have a 5 metre high fence to contend […]

Getting Down with the Hipstamatic

If you haven’t already added the fabulous ‘Hipstamatic’ app to your iPhone then I absolutely insist that you do. Hours of fun can be had creating amazing looking snapshots to share with your friends and colleagues either via email or with the online community. Two sides of the Hipstamatic story In fact, the original Hipstamatic […]

Oman – The simplicity and beauty – Capturing a far off land

It’s a long hot drive from Muscat (the coastal capital of Oman) to the town of Nizwa nestled amongst the Hajar Mountains. Driving across Oman’s barren stony interior, channelled by huge ‘wadis’ (dried-up river-beds which turn to raging rivers after heavy rains), the temperature slowly creeps from 30 to a steaming 35 degrees.

Photo Opportunities in Hadstock Village

This weekend we took a much awaited trip to visit friends in the pretty village of Hadstock on the borders of Essex and Cambridgeshire, in the district of Uttlesford.

Instructions for Installing the Canon Eg-D & Eg-S Focusing Screen

I believe owners of the Canon 5D Mark ii will all agree by now that it is probably one of the best all-rounder pro DSLR’s on the market. If you have an idea and the composition, the glass, and the drive then this camera is a tough puppy to better under any circumstances.  Like any […]

Hidden Treasures

Have you ever been all gung-ho about the prospects of a particular photo shoot, loaded up all your great equipment and set out with the very best of intentions only to have the whole thing fizzle out? Well, that about sums up how our day went on Sunday. The grey mood of the day seemed […]

Full Wolf Moon

Stepping out last night in time for the February Wolf Moon.  The name Wolf moon comes from Native American Indians. The moon is also known as the Old Moon, and the Celts called it the Moon of Ice which fits in nicely with the pagan description as the Snow Moon.  It was one of those […]

Photo Opportunities in Old Leigh

One of the wonders of photography, it doesn’t have to be a standard object, subject matter including old rope, colourful fishing nets, driftwood, and photographing ancient mooring chains can all create interesting stock photography whilst keeping your shutter finger in practice

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